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Low Tox Life Podcast with Nadine Richardson

Empowered Birthing, Doulas, Women's Business & The Role of Men in Birth | Nadine Richardson


What is a Doula – They play a significant role assisting women through the psychosomatic experience of birth.Why every single woman should do a doula training. It is the primal role of woman. Assisting at births is an important rite for one’s womanhood, femininity and fulfilment

Obstetrician in latin = “to observe.” Are they only observing or doing too much? The Role of the Partner (Mostly Men) In Birth. Have we placed to much expectations on male partners? Are men actually fit for the job of assisting a birthing experience? Let alone asked to be the primary! support person in an experience they have no knowledge of, what so ever!

Read More about this Podcast on the The Vital Veda Podcast.

Low Tox Life Podcast with Nadine Richardson

She Births® founder Nadine Richardson on the journey of birth

This show is so wonderful as we explore the magic that is the transformative birth journey. This is for everyone who’s given birth to reminisce, everyone who is on a birth journey now or in the future, their partners, friends, and anyone you know who is going to have a baby.

You will learn the significance of a doula, some of the most powerful things you can do to prepare for birth and what to do when it doesn’t quite go according to preference (she doesn’t use the word ‘plan’ which I LOVE!)

Read More about this Podcast on the Low Tox Life website.

Kinderling Conversation

Nadine talks to Shevonne Hunt about Birth Trauma. She says that birth trauma is a question of perspective.

What is traumatic for one mother may not be for another.

Nadine’s work at She Births® Australia is to prepare all parents for the birth of their child, so that they feel empowered when they enter the birthing experience, and so that they have less chance of a traumatic birth.

Nadine takes us through what is classified as a traumatic birth, the reasons one may have a traumatic birth, and if it can be avoided.

PBB Podcast: Heartspeak with Nadine Richardson

Doula Nathalie Solis interviews Nadine about birth as a profound teaching of compassion and love. Nadine shares how she facilitates more optimal birth and mother-child bonding experiences. Through her passionate work she helps us understand how an empowered birth and parenting experience also has profound cultural and societal impacts.

Evidence Based Birth Podcast: Ep.28 - Childbirth Education

This podcast covers the evidence on childbirth education for pain relief during labor. How many people take childbirth classes and what material do they cover? We discuss the challenges of studying childbirth education interventions and go over the findings from an interesting study on this topic out of Australia.

Bondi Beach Radio: Wholesome Radio

Nadine Richardson speaks to Bondi Beach Radio about her inspiration behind She Births® and how her unique childbirth education program is empowering women all over the world to experience a beautiful birth, no matter what unfolds.

Discussion starts at 5’30

Radio National: Life Matters

A new Australian study of first time mothers has found that a combination of massage, yoga, acupressure, relaxation and breathing techniques can significantly reduce the need for medical intervention during childbirth. The study could change the way we think about childbirth education.

Baby Talk: 772 ABC Melbourne

In a study just published in the British Medical Journal Open an antenatal (before birth) education program developed by Nadine Richardson called ‘She Births’ has been tested on 176 couples in Sydney. The results were so dramatic the British Medical Journal Open has published them in an article that might be about to change the way childbirth education is delivered in Australia.

Kinderling Radio

Nadine Richardson, founder of She Births, and participant Alison Steel talk about women’s empowerment and how to have a positive labour experience.

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