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Our proven and unique antenatal classes have helped thousands of families create a beautiful birth since 2008.

Enjoy your hands on face to face workshop in a group with social distancing.

Comprehensive Antenatal Classes

She Births® is the most comprehensive childbirth education program available – providing you and your partner with a toolkit of skills to support you through pregnancy, labour and your journey into parenthood.

We cover everything you need to know about the birth process and how you and your partner can work together as a team by using active birthing, yoga, massage, acupressure, breathing, relaxation techniques and more, to reduce pain and achieve a safer and faster delivery. We also discuss nutrition and ways to prepare your body inside and out for an optimal birth.

She Births® is the first and only childbirth education program in the world that is scientifically verified to lower epidural rates (65%), caesarean section rates (44%) as well as resuscitation of babies (53%) and even shorten labour by 32 minutes. Find out more about this ground-breaking study here, which was published in the British Medical Journal.

she births® weekend course

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14th - 15th Aug
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Two days of practical antenatal
classes via ZOOM with
She Births® Founder
Nadine Richardson

The She Births® Weekend Course counts as a CPD Endorsed Activity, recognised by the ACM for 14 CPD hours

CPD Endorsed activity. Australian College of Midwives.

Sydney 2021

16th - 17th Oct
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Two days of practical face to face antenatal classes with
She Births® Educator
Nichola Kinnane - VAUCLUSE

The She Births® Weekend Course counts as a CPD Endorsed Activity, recognised by the ACM for 14 CPD hours

CPD Endorsed activity. Australian College of Midwives.

Sydney 2021

13th - 14th Nov
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Two days of practical face to face antenatal classes with
She Births® Educator
Caitlin Siboulet - VAUCLUSE

The She Births® Full Online Course counts as a CPD Endorsed Activity, recognised by the ACM for 13.5 CPD hours

CPD Endorsed activity. Australian College of Midwives.
“She Births® prepares women with more realistic ideas of what to expect during labour”
Jessica Turner
Jessica Turner
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About The Weekend Course

Your Educator: Our antenatal classes are run by Nadine Richardson, founder of She Births®, and a team of passionate Certified Educators, who also work as highly skilled midwives or doulas.

When to book: We recommend that you book to attend a course as early as possible between 22-36 weeks gestation. We want to give you and your partner lots of time to put into practice all you have learnt, plus have a more relaxed pregnancy.

Group sizes: Spaces are limited and sell out in advance so please register as soon as possible. We keep our group sizes small so that you benefit from an intimate environment with plenty of time for questions but also big enough for you to meet and mingle with other awesome families. Our Sydney course can sell out months in advance, don’t miss out book in today!

Upon paying, you and your partner will receive access to our in-depth Online Resources via desktop and the She Births® app

Deposits and payment plans can be created upon request.

If a course is sold out please contact us to join the waitlist.

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What You Get

Transformative & Practical

Our engaging and transformative Weekend Course (2 days from 10am – 5pm) is ideal for you and your partner. It is a premium program facilitated by expert Educators and covers all you need to know before birth.

A 100+ page She Births® Complete Guidebook

This She Births® Complete Guidebook helps you integrate and practice what you’ve learnt easily. Our comprehensive toolkit of knowledge and skills means you avoid feeling overwhelmed by conflicting advice from various sources. During quarantined times our books will be given to you via the Online portal as well as posted to you after your course.

Our Private Community online

Our Private Community Online is a hub of support and conversation that you can access for simple questions of our tribe like where to find the best pram bargains... but also talk to our Founder, doulas and midwives in the lead up to birth. We even support during labour if we can and of course afterwards too.

Rewards Page

Our Rewards Page takes all the guess work out of 'baby shopping' and provides you with discounts on clothing, food and much more.

CPD Endorsed Activity

For Midwives, attendance of the Weekend Course is recognised by the ACM (Australian College of Midwives) for 14 CPD hours.

CPD Endorsed activity. Australian College of Midwives.

By enrolling in the She Births® Course you do not need to attend any hospital or other antenatal courses.

She Births® Weekend Birthing Class with Nadine Richardson
She Births® welcomes all families
Solo mums, same sex couples, elective caesarean and elective epidural mums to our birthing classes. With the right preparation, everyone can create a beautiful birth, no matter what unfolds.

Empowerment Through Education

The She Births® method allows a deep transformation to take place within every couple. The process fosters a sense of trust in birth and security in each other.

Not only are these factors critical to creating a more natural and beautiful birth experience, but also in creating the foundation for stronger, more resilient families going forward.

The course has also been recognised by the British Medical Journal after the 2016 study showed a 65% reduction in epidural rates and a 44% reduction in caesareans.

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Testimonials from families around the world

Weekend Birthing Class Feedback
95% of couples say She Births® allowed them to connect more deeply with each other and communicate more effectively with their caregiver
Weekend Birthing Class Feedback
100% of couples say they enjoyed the Weekend Course
Weekend Birthing Class Feedback
98% of couples say that She Births® allowed them to create a beautiful birth, no matter what unfolded

Supporting choice and team work for better births

It’s been amazing to watch the evolution of She Births® over the years and see how our couples as well as medical professionals have spread the word, supporting the program and the families who partake. It takes a great team to have a beautiful birth!

We are proud to work with wonderful Obstetricians, (some of whom completed the course themselves when pregnant) General Practitioners, Midwives both private and public system workers and many more health and birth professionals. Many of our Educators are also Midwives and long term birth professionals too.

This podcast is a conversation with dear friend Jo Hunter, a private practising endorsed midwife based in Sydney, Australia. Jo Hunter has been a midwife as well as a doula and educator and been helping families over 20 years. She is also the co-creator of a new documentary film we are all very excited about called BirthTime.

The vision for She Births® has always been to reach every single woman on the planet; to provide her with an education in whatever way she needs. 

This video is a conversation about team work in the birthing room, as well as putting in the preparation. As well as talking to Dr Jan Dudley we have the inspiring Anna Kooiman who has worked many years as a TV and News Presenter in New York before coming to Australia to give birth to little Brookes. Anna achieved a natural posterior birth which we know it is not an easy feat! We hope you enjoy.

In conversation with Obstetrician, Dr Jan Dudley

Nadine Richardson, Anna Kooiman and Dr Jan Dudley in conversation Dr Jan Dudley has over 30 years’ experience catching babies in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. She is well-loved by many of our families, and talks about birth as an ancient art, the power of woman and the importance of surrender, as well as preparation. For me our chat is all about choice and creating a team around you that you trust. Getting education, no matter where you are birthing, is absolutely critical. Read full post here …
Anna Kooiman with Dr Jan Dudley
Birth Stories - Anna Kooiman

The She Births® Show Podcast: In conversation with Midwife, Jo Hunter

She Births® Doula Service

Nadine Richardson, She Births® founder is one of the longest standing doulas in the eastern suburbs of Sydney and with over half of our families asking her to recommend or send her little black book of doulas,  she decided to curate a team of the best in the business all trained and experienced in the She Births® methods.

Explore our range of packages

Our Doula packages for mums and families are practical and nourishing. Based upon what Nadine has been providing to families for many years and what thousands of mums have told us they really want and need.

Let us find your Doula

Have a chat with our Doula Coordinator so she can talk you through the strengths and skills of each doula. We are here to hold your hand across the 'meet and greet stage' or set up a 'chemistry call' so you can choose the best doula for your family.


Together we can do this. At She Births® we are doing everything we can to keep business as usual. However, some Weekend Courses have been changed to ZOOM during lockdown. We continued to teach full days but also provide families with more support and time from your Educator and Founder, as well as more Online Resources to help you through these challenging times.

We are COVID safe business and will maintain Australian Government and RANZCOG health guidelines for pregnant women and families if they are re-instated.

We pride ourselves in the courses we deliver and the support we give to our families. In order to maintain our business and provide education to families we will not be offering refunds or refundable downgrades from a Weekend Course or an Online Course.

Please refer to our COVID plan for full details

It is only possible to change course dates if there is a medical emergency and availability. Movement between courses is generally not possible as our course numbers are strictly limited and we fill up very quickly. We require a minimum of 4 weeks notice to try and make this happen.

Cancellation of a Weekend Course:

Payment of the $397 deposit is non-refundable. This deposit covers our administration costs as well as access to the digital Weekend Course Resources.

Refund of the remaining balance is at the discretion of The Birthing Institute.

Other options (eg. in the case of scheduled c-section, premature labour or early hospital admission) can be:

If spaces are available you may be able to transfer to another course date.

Payment can be put towards a Private Program with your Educator.

Payment can cover access to the Full Online Program or Belly Birth Online Course + products from our shop or private mentoring.

During COVID we will be keeping restrictions in accordance with RANZCOG & Govt. guidelines and resume face to face courses as soon as possible. If our Weekend Courses have changed to Live Zoom Workshops we are providing more education, more support and more access to our Online Course Resources. At this stage we are not able to offer any refunds other than discounts already provided.

It is important that you bring along a birth support person or a doula if your partner is not able to attend. We recommend you bring to the course the person who will be your main support at birth. If there is room you may also make a special request that a birth support person and your partner attend the course.
If you are a single mum please contact us directly to see if we can arrange a private Solo Mums course with others. We need 2 mums to make this viable.

It is up to the individual and how much information you would like to have. However, we find that most She Births® couples only attend our 2 day program. We highly recommended that you take a tour of your hospital and attend any talks they offer on early parenting, bathing, breastfeeding – ideally before but can also be done after birth. There is also Dr Howard Chilton’s (neonatologist) talks now available online that used to be given at The Royal Hospital for Women, Sydney  on Thursdays.

The whole of She Births® is unique – there is no other doula and yoga based program with a multi-disciplinary and evidence based tool kit available in the world. We have a specific language, sequence and process of transformation intrinsic to the program.

She Births® also uses a deep relaxation method created by Nadine Richardson called; Body Mind Integration Techniques (BMIT). The origins of BMIT are found in the ancient practice of yoga nidra, which is a yogic method for aligning with our highest truth or in modern terms, subconscious mind change.

BMIT is a body based relaxation and hypnosis style process. It is unique from other forms of hypnosis because it is based on very deep physical connection and encourages our 4th state of awareness, transcendence. Nadine has practiced and taught yoga for over 20 years and created the unique She Births® visualisations to help women overcome their fears of giving birth and to enable them to stay ‘within their bodies’ throughout birth.

As well as teaching BMIT we also encourage women to actively embrace the sensations of labour using specific movement and breath work that will increase the bodies natural endorphins, ie. pain killers.

We recommend attending a course between 22-36 weeks gestation.

Contrary to what some people believe; you do have options when having a c-section, and your choices can have a considerable effect on your state of mind as you birth, comfort, the atmosphere of the room and your baby’s introduction to the world. You prepare well for important events in your life and are used to making empowered choices… birth should be no different! 

We now have a Beautiful Belly Birth Online Course filled with guidance to create a positive family centred c-section. It covers the tools and technique, principles and hormones and will help you go into birth and parenting with a positive mindset. As well as our breathing techniques, acupressure can be great to help with breastfeeding, our massage techniques prior to birth give you pregnancy comfort. We look at nutrition for better health, recovery and understanding of your baby’s microbiome and immune system after a c-section. We include our visualisations and some mums write their own positive birth visualisation using the background hypnosis track we provide. Listen to ‘scripting your birth’ podcast with Peta Kelly and utilise the music track inside your app/Spotify playlist provided. All birth preparation is key to supporting you during breastfeeding and baby-led attachment so you can  still encourage a ‘crawl’ to the breast.

All the techniques and principles learnt in She Births® are applicable to any birth experience or outcome, including a caesarean. They are also highly beneficial to practice during pregnancy because they will allow you to feel calmer throughout and prepared for any birth outcome.

It is often the second or third and sometimes even a scan after 35 weeks that is the deciding factor for your birth. It is important to remember that the majority – in fact over 90% of placentas move up and out of the way for a vaginal birth, because the lowest quadrant of your uterus grows at the very end of pregnancy and draws the placenta away from the cervix.

Don’t miss out on She Births! We can help you and your partner be fully prepared for your birth experience, however it unfolds. Please ask your She Births® Educator for the specific yoga postures and techniques to avoid, and those that will encourage the movement upwards of your placenta. We have huge success with this over the last 10+ years.

Yes! We can give you all the Online and hard copy resources, book and videos  prior to the course. This means that you can learn some of the content you need and start to make all the important changes required. Then the face to face course becomes your consolidation and practice with your partner to be able to support you fully. Please phone us to make sure we know and we can get resources to you ASAP.

Some couples choose to do more than one full birthing course and thoroughly enjoy their time spent at each one. However, if you have already done a full independent course and just discovered She Births® don’t panic! You might be able book into a short private session to cover any gaps and enjoy any of our great value Online Birthing Courses.

If you select to pay for a course via Direct Bank Transfer pleasse check your email account for these. An email will be sent subject ‘Thank you for your order’.

Here you will find our account details to make the transfer.

“Birth is going to be challenging no matter how it unfolds. Being informed and prepared makes all the difference.“
Nadine Richardson
Nadine Richardson
Founder of She Births®
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