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The World's Only Scientifically Verified Childbirth Education Program

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Choose from our  2 hr zoom private or a Half-Day Birth Skills Workshop
For a personalised and highly practical Q & A session.
Discover the best strategies for labour, how to prevent posterior. Learn ways your partner can provide the best pain releif.

Birth Basics Course

25+ individual videos

We believe that everyone deserves a beautiful birth. This course is ideal for second time families or those in a big hurry. Upgrade to the Full Online Course at any time and unlock much more.

Price Only $149

Full Online Course*

100+ individual videos

Get ready to create a beautiful birth with our most popular scientifically verified She Births® Full Online Course.
*This course is our proven method, as seen in the BMJ research (July 2016).

Price Only $397 Valued at $700

Full Online Course* + Private Consult

100+ individual videos

Enhance the World's Only Scientifically Verified Childbirth Education Program. Plus a 2 hour private consultation via Zoom designed especially for you and your partner in the lead up to birth

Price Only $696 Valued at $1,000

Beautiful 'Belly Birth' Course

70+ individual videos

Create a beautiful Belly Birth with
our family centred c-section course.
For families scheduled or electing (or those who know they have high chance). We give you all the knowledge & tools to have a beautiful Belly Birth plus if you need to learn more about vaginal delivery, switch across anytime.

Price Only $297

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The She Births® Online Birthing Classes provide you and your partner with the critical knowledge and skills to create a beautiful birth experience, no matter what unfolds.

Just like our world famous Weekend Course, our Online Birthing Classes cover everything you need to know about the birth process and how you and your partner can work together as a team – using active birthing, yoga, massage, acupressure, breathing, relaxation techniques for yourpregnancy, labour and delivery, and more. Our toolkit of skills are proven to reduce pain and help you achieve a safer, faster delivery.  PLUS : Prenatal Yoga Class with our founder and Yoga Teacher

We discuss nutrition and other ways to prepare your body inside and out for an optimal birth as well as allow you to discover the innate philosophy and wisdom required so that you can enjoy your pregnancy and the journey into parenthood.

She Births® is the first and only childbirth education program in the world that is scientifically verified to lower epidural rates (65%), caesarean section rates (44%) as well as resuscitation of babies (53%) and even shorten labour by 32 minutes. Find out more about this ground-breaking study here, which was published in the British Medical Journal.

Our full online childbirth class deliver the same content as our scientifically verified Weekend Course with Nadine Richardson for less than half the price 😉

What makes She Births® unique

A She Births® Weekend Birth Class

Proven Curriculum

Holistic & evidence-based antenatal classes allow you to understand and enjoy your pregnancy and birth

Foundations and skills for breastfeeding, conscious parenting and your relationship

Strategies and tools to overcome fear plus over 6 visualisations to stay sane

She Births® App - Your Birth Companion

Latest Technology

App allows you access to all you need 24/7.

Videos, cheat sheets, downloadable visual birth plans and more

20+ positive birth story videos to watch on the go

Choose a doula on our private recommended list

baby breastfeeding

expert Support

Expert support and guidance from our Educators, doulas & midwives in bi-weekly online forums

Connect with our specialised physiotherapists, chiropractors, midwives and doctors

Access to Nadine Richardson's internationally renowned prenatal yoga class

she births® birth community

nourishing Community

We create a non-judgemental space for sharing and supporting one another

Soul Mama Circles are a unique and special Mothers Group

Our Private Facebook community allows you to connect with an amazing the tribe of families

"She Births® was without a doubt the best investment I made for my pregnancy and birth"


She Births® was without a doubt the best investment I made for my pregnancy and birth. My partner and I did the online program which really worked for us as we could watch it on our smart TV in the comfort of our home, pause and discuss, take notes and practice the massages etc. at our own pace.

The whole experience surpassed our expectations and the knowledge we gained really empowered and connected us.

By the time we were finished the course, we felt genuinely prepared and excited for the birth of our child. It’s crazy to think that prior to doing the course, I had probably spent more time researching prams and car seats rather than learning about how to actually bring my baby into this world!

I truly believe that the combination of She Births® class, the visualisations provided by the course, prenatal yoga (with Nadine Richardson in Bondi) and an amazing Ayurvedic massage the day before I was induced gave me the toolkit I needed to have the drug free, speedy birth I had hoped for.

Don’t get me wrong, nothing went to plan and it was intense and insane, but understanding the process and feeling in tune with my body helped me to feel as in control and calm as I could have hoped for.

It was a truly transformative experience and I know that She Births® played a vital role in that.

I still use the visualisations to ground and calm myself during trying times (baby screaming in your face at 3am anyone?!) and when my bub was 2 weeks old I joined a Soul Mama Circle and that group of like-minded women continue to nourish me on my journey through motherhood.

Thank you Nadine for developing this amazing course, for the yoga, for the Soul Mama Circles – you really are enriching lives and making generations of women (and men!) stronger and more conscious through your work.

Ruthy Carnac

Bondi Beach, , Sydney, Australia

Let us help you create your beautiful birth today

A safer birth for you and your baby

The only course proven to reduce medical interventions: Mums are 44% less likely to need a caesarean, and babies are 53% less likely to require resuscitation.

Experience less pain

She Births® mums experience a 65% reduction in epidural because our natural pain relief methods are so effective.

Work as a team

Give your partner a comprehensive toolkit of knowledge and skills to help you during labour. Allowing you both to feel confident on the big day.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Create your beautiful birth today

Testimonials from our She Births® Families

The World's Only Scientifically Verified Childbirth Education Program

Become a part of our online community, get support from our experts, download our free app and enjoy the journey together

Birth Basics Course

Price Only $149

25+ individual videos

We believe that everyone deserves a beautiful birth,no matter what is happening in the world. Upgrade to the Full Online Birthing Class at any time to unlock much more

Upgrade to the Full Online Birthing Class
at any time to unlock much more

Full Online Course*

100+ individual videos

Plus much more!

Full Online Course* + Private Consult

100+ individual videos

The World's Only Scientifically Verified Childbirth Education Program PLUS a 2 hour private consultation via Zoom designed especially for you and your partner in the lead up to birth

Have all your questions answered and make sure you are preparing in the best possible way via a tailored session with our qualified She Births educators.

A great way to review all the practical tools like acupressure that helps avoid a medical induction, massage specific to pain relief and also tailor your own unique Birth Plan.

Plus much more!


Our online birthing classses have all the wisdom and experience Nadine has gathered and shared over 20 years. You will be able to undergo the same transformative process, but it can be done in your own time, at home.

For some, it is actually more effective. They can review content as many times as they need, there are also forums with Nadine each week that will allow you to ask any questions that may arise during your pregnancy.

We recommend beginning your program between 22-36 weeks gestation.

Most of our families only complete our program and get amazing results. Although, we do recommend taking a tour of your hospital before the big day.

Course content will be available to you for 12 months. Not only can you prepare for the birth of your baby, but you’ll be able to review our breastfeeding and parenting content in those early days after birth.

Of course you can! From Australia, call 1300 101 SHE (743) during business hours. For international calls or calls outside of business hours, email

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If you are not ready to purchase our Full Online Course then check out our Free Pregnancy Support Guide via the App.

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"Giving birth is like running a marathon in your body, while walking a labyrinth in your mind."
Nadine Richardson
Nadine Richardson
Founder of She Births®