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birthing a 4.4kg baby naturally during a pandemic - podcast
Australian Birth Stories

Birthing a 4.4kg baby naturally in a pandemic | Tessa Tran

    (Subscribe on iTunes, Spotify)   The She Births Show: Birthing a 4.4kg baby naturally in a pandemic! | Tessa Tran Listen in as we hold space for Tessa and Viv to share their beautiful birth story. In the ultimate


Your Birth Rights Are Not In Lockdown | Annalee Atia

(Subscribe on iTunes, Spotify) The She Births Show: Your Birth Rights Are Not In Lockdown with Annalee Atia. Over this pandemic particularly – our second lockdown – people have become more aware of their rights, mainly in regards to having support

Charlotte holding baby Romy
Australian Birth Stories

Doula’s supporting you during labour, isn’t cancelled!

During these uncertain times, She Births® Doula service is here to support families. Here is a birth story from Charlotte and Sam who used our service and had so much support from our Doula service. I and my partner are

Alexi Willemsen holding her baby
Australian Birth Stories

Birth story from Alexi Willemsen

She Births® loves to hear your birth stories. It brings so much joy to the team and we feel so grateful to be a part of your birthing education. Here is a quick Australian birth story from She Births® mama

K Smith birth image
Australian Birth Stories

Placenta Previa & C-Section – Birth Story

Describe your birth experience in 3 words: kind, exciting and magnificent How did you prepare for birth? Yoga, healthy eating, rest and visualisation How did you bring your baby into the world? C-Section What most helped you through the birth

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Birth Preparation Tips

Vaginal Birth

Every birth is beautiful and no matter how your baby comes into the world, ultimately it is a celebration. Understanding how a vaginal birth is different from a c-section birth (as well as all the variations within each) is important

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Birth Preparation Tips

My baby is in breech position

Communication with your caregiver about the position of your baby throughout pregnancy It’s really important that you’re in communication with your caregiver about the position of your baby throughout pregnancy. This often means checking with your OB or midwife at

What is the best position to birth my baby?

There are a whole bunch of fables we have about childbirth and the biggest one is that women must give birth lying on their back in bed. Contrary to what Hollywood teaches us and perhaps what our mothers went through

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Birth Preparation Tips

What is hypnotherapy for childbirth?

Hypnotherapy For Labour Hypnosis, by definition, is simply relaxation plus suggestion. Self-hypnosis is moving into the relaxed state on your own accord. Part of the vehicle or techniques we have created for She Births® self-hypnosis is the use of anchors.

couple with new born twins photo Sarah Pulling of Bear Hunt Photography
Birth Preparation Tips

Setting up for a birth at home

Your Birth Preferences Create a birth plan, no sorry, I mean a Birth Preferences sheet! It’s been proven that women who have a higher expectation of childbirth will have higher levels of maternal satisfaction after birth too*. At She Births®

Relaxation response chart of human body
Birth Preparation Tips

Relaxation during labour

Relaxation is your greatest inner resource during labour Relaxation is your greatest inner resource during labour and a very simple skill – it’s just that nobody in our culture gets taught it prior to becoming seriously stressed out. Relaxation requires

Active birth: Positions for labouring out of bed
Birth Preparation Tips

What are the best positions to use during labour?

Active Birthing Cochrane reviews (a culmination of the world’s best randomised controlled trials) tell us that being more upright throughout labour creates shorter labours, less need for augmentation and less need for medical pain relief. Understanding that you can create

Photo of small baby sleeping in a towel on a cushion.Photo by Bright Photography.
Birth Preparation Tips

Baby Language and Communication

One of our main jobs as a parent is to tend to our baby’s needs. Human mammals are highly co-dependent for a very long time. Unlike other mammals such as dogs, horses even whales and dolphins etc we are not


Hot holiday tips for pregnancy and beyond

From our family to yours over this holiday period, we hope you have a wonderful and relaxing time with your nearest and dearest. May this pause be bonding and enriching, filled with experiences and moments of connection, rest and joy.

Doula Interviews

Why I love being a doula

It’s World Doula Week! And who better to interview than our very own Nadine Richardson….

Gluten & Sugar

Melissa Ambrosini Pregnancy Journey

In this video, Melissa share’s with you all about the spiritual experience they had attending the She Births Face to Face weekend course with Nadine Richardson. The Vedic ceremony to call in the spirit of the baby. Plus they chat

Australian Birth Stories

Milo’s Birth Story

Introducing Milo John Morrison. Born 15.57 on Tuesday 16 February, 6 weeks early after I went into labour on my first day of mat leave. 😂 The birth was not what I had planned. When I did the She Births®

Chai recipe image
Chai gathering


Make authentic Masala Chai, as they do in India, using whole spices. In India masala means spice, and chai means tea. Spiced Tea, easy right?! INGREDIENTS: Vegan and Sugar-Free adaptable. Black tea – Assam, Darjeeling is often used in India.

Australian Birth Stories

Australian Birth Story of Amelia

She Births® loves to hear your birth stories. It brings so much joy to the team and we feel so grateful to be a part of your birthing education. Here is a quick Australian birth story from She Births® mama

Fam-Photo luke
Australian Birth Stories

Mamas birth story of Tallulah Mae

Our labour story started on Monday morning at 1 am 1 week after my due date. I woke up with some slight cramping that felt like period cramps. I went to the toilet and returned to bed with the cramping

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