Birth Time: The Documentary

Zoe Naylor, Jerusha Sutton and Jo Hunter embark on a mission to discover why an increasing number of women and families are emerging from their births physically and emotionally traumatised.


It was clear from our research that our maternity system is broken.

We have a postnatal depression epidemic, with suicide being the leading cause of maternal death in the developed world.

Birth trauma is rampant.

We have incredibly high intervention rates in birth, yet research shows that this is not leading to better outcomes for mothers and babies.

Globally, we are losing connection and trust in one of the most transformative, powerful, primal and pivotal rites of passage we will ever undertake in our lives.

We live in a time where it has become customary to disregard the importance of a woman’s/persons experience of birth. It is not widely known that our birth and birthing experiences profoundly impact how we navigate the world.





Improving women’s experience of birth helps them set up a stronger bond with their babies.

It also decreases their risk of postnatal depression and encourages them to trust their maternal instincts when it comes to mothering their children. Care, connection, respect and trust begin with the mother-baby bond.

We made the documentary an initial catalyst to educate, motivate action and instigate change.

Birth Time is also an education platform about changing the current politics, practice and funding of maternity care worldwide.

It’s an educational resource and hub that aims to bring people together so we can:

  • shine a light on our current maternity system,
  • educate women and pregnant people about different maternity services that are available to them,
  • help people understand they have a choice,
  • and to share information about new and evolving midwifery models of care.


Through this Birth Time platform, we hope to educate, inspire and motivate young women, pregnant women and people, mothers, partners, grandparents, family, birth workers, midwives, doctors, policymakers, politicians, organisations and corporations to be the voice for change.

When we improve women’s/peoples experiences around birth, we change the world.


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Check out The She Births® Show Podcast we recorded with the fantastic Jo Hunter who is part of the Birth Time film.


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This podcast is a conversation with dear friend Jo Hunter; a private practising endorsed midwife based in Sydney, Australia.
Jo Hunter has been a midwife, a doula, and an educator and has been helping families for over 20 years. She is also the co-creator of a new documentary film we are all very excited about called BirthTime.
I have wanted to make this podcast for a while. Because so many people are often confused about the benefits of midwives and doulas. People often think that we do the same kind of work and that if you have one, you don’t need the other. Also, a common myth is that all midwives are the same and practice the same way in any environment.
Together Jo and I discuss what midwives and doulas do?
How we differ from each other and what it is like to work with a private practising midwife during pregnancy, labour and postpartum.
We also touch on the importance of Birthing On Country and supporting our Indigenous sisters through birth, closing the gap.
You will enjoy this podcast if you want to understand more about the gold standard of care that comes with employing an independent midwife.
And indeed, be better informed and prepared to know the limitations midwives and doulas can have in different birth settings.
To find out more, go to:

Listen Now:


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