Private consultations: Birth Integration & Birth Preparation​

This session is an opportunity to fully debrief and process your birth experience.

The session will allow you to connect with both the wisdom and teachings you gained plus the new skills and resources you have going forward.

The aim is to gain trust in the birthing process and your body. To let go of fear, grief and trauma before moving into a new pregnancy or labour.

We believe birth deserves to be celebrated. Many mums become so busy with physical recovery that the psychological, emotional and spiritual recovery opportunity is missed.

Embodying our birth wisdom can help ease the stress of parenting and relating and provide a deep strength for you as the emerging mother.

The session will support you to come to a place of peace within yourself and around the birth of your baby.

“Everyone’s experience of childbirth is different, and everyone’s inner narrative is important.

Your story and your feelings are real and matter. There is growth without and within because of birth.” 

xxx Nadine

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Your Birth Integration session will allow you to:

– Explore what happened and understand why

– Feel seen, heard & understood on all levels

– Process any unresolved feelings

– Discover any wisdom and teachings

– Feel embodied and calm going forward

– Know what actions you need to take


– Birth Integration session with a She Births® Birth Expert.

– The session runs for either 90 mins or 2 hrs over Zoom.

– Attend as an individual or as a couple.

– Our team will be in touch shortly to arrange the best expert for you to debrief with and schedule a time. 

– Price per session is $330 for 90 mins with Nadine Richardson

– Price per session is $299 for 2 hrs with a She Births® Certified Educator

Buy rebozo, post natal belly belts, prenatal yoga video and visualisations, along with specialty packs for couples preparing for Breech Birth, VBAC and Caesarian Section.

Our brains encode negativity 10 times faster than it does positivity. All the more reason to read and share positive birth experiences that encompass every scenario.

Inspiring talks and enlightening conversations as Nadine sits down with some of the most incredible childbirth and parenting professionals out there.

An archive of quality books, film and websites on childbirth and early parenting we recommend to our clients.

Do you want to feel Calm and Connected to yourself and your baby? Phone Player

Do you want to feel Calm and Connected to yourself and your baby?

Let go of the guilt, worries, doubts and fears with this simple meditation.

Discover ways to connect with your baby and your inner guidance with Nadine Richardson, Founder of She Births®.

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