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Season 1

Brought to you by Waterwipes

She Births® began as a simple community program over 10 years ago in Bondi Beach. Today we are an internationally recognised and scientifically verified childbirth education course…and so much more! The relationship we develop with our families spans the entire perinatal period – from fertility to pregnancy, birth and into early parenting – and the majority of couples that study with us maintain deep and long lasting connections. Our community is made up of connected parents, conscious workplaces and dedicated health professionals who engage highly in their choices. They want the best and the purest for themselves and their families.

For this reason, our brand and the select brands we endorse hold great value to our dedicated client base. We regard our partnerships as a further extension of our community. We believe Waterwipes and She Births® share a value system. We are both dedicated to providing best-in-class support to new parents and work in the best interest of each child. We both see the importance of scientific research, and our investment in this is a source of great pride. We encourage you to read the story of how a dad wanted a better product for his daughter and WaterWipes was born.

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Season 2

Brought to you by Pigeon

Through the She Births® course and community support we are proud to have supported thousands of families with the education to facilitate a better birthing experience as well as better breastfeeding; including initiation and continuation. Bonding, microbiome support and the magic of breastfeeding is considered as a child’s birth rite and is possible for 96% of the population. (Please download our app and watch our videos to learn more.)

Over the years our families have helped us understand that along with expert help sometimes specific products can support in the more complicated breastfeeding issues and keep our babies on the breast for longer. For this reason we have chosen to partner with Pigeon for Season Two of the She Births® Show Podcast.

Having sponsorship enables us to bring you the best quality information and empowerment to families around the world over the perinatal period. Pigeon breast pads, nipple shields and pumps will most likely not be used by a majority of mums however, they can be critical in some scenarios. Most often we assist mums that have inverted, cracked or flat nipples, have had augmentation, breast cancer or work in unfriendly job environments. We assist  babies that are premature, smaller or not putting on weight in the early weeks.

We fully endorse WHO recommendations for 2+ years of breastfeeding and always suggest seeking out a healthcare professional in your area to assist with any issues. The Australian Breastfeeding Association  has numerous resources and counsellors plus a 24 hour hotline. They also have workplace guidelines to make the working and breastfeeding juggle easier. You can find our recommended lactation consultants in Australia here and international lists here.

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The Australian College of Midwives

The She Births® Show Podcast is now an Australian College of Midwives CPD Recognised Activity. Midwives can claim from 1 CPD hour. Find out more here.



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Our vision is to make She Births® available to all parents. We understand that the ways people are consuming information is changing and we have created the companion app to make learning more accessible. We are now available in person, and in your pocket. The app  is the companion to the Weekend Courses.

Here’s a one minute video to show you around:

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Buy rebozo, post natal belly belts, prenatal yoga video and visualisations, along with specialty packs for couples preparing for Breech Birth, VBAC and Caesarian Section.

Our brains encode negativity 10 times faster than it does positivity. All the more reason to read and share positive birth experiences that encompass every scenario.

Inspiring talks and enlightening conversations as Nadine sits down with some of the most incredible childbirth and parenting professionals out there.

An archive of quality books, film and websites on childbirth and early parenting we recommend to our clients.


Giving the body 20 minutes of deep rest every day is essential when preparing for birth. Experience your relaxation response, rest, recharge and reset with this Quick Connection Visualisation for busy mums-to-be.

DOWNLOAD your free visualisation here.


Trying to explain the benefits of good childbirth education to a reluctant partner isn’t always easy. Birth may be ‘women’s business’, but that doesn’t mean dad should be on the sidelines.

DOWNLOAD our easy to share, printable PDF if he needs some extra love before getting on board.



Want to understand the facts, but find trawling through pages of data exhausting? Understand the scientific verification behind She Births® without breaking your brain. Our simple PDF DOWNLOAD takes you through the BMJ & Midwifery Journal papers step-by-step.


A unique combination of qi gong, yoga and breathing techniques designed to enhance fertility and balance the nervous and endocrine systems. DOWNLOAD your very own unique home practice guide here.

“Entertaining negativity can be more unhealthy than eating fast food during pregnancy. Negative entertainment has hypnotised the world towards a medicalised and traumatic expectation of birth.”
Nadine Richardson
Nadine Richardson
Founder of She Births®