Rafael’s Birth – Ecstatic and humbling experience

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Hi Nadine

I don’t know if you’ve heard yet – we had a beautiful little BOY!!! Rafael, born on November 10th, weighing 3.6kg. We all feel so blessed and elated. He is a pretty chilled out little dude and is smiling at his mummy already.

The birth was absolutely beautiful, an amazing experience. It was another water birth, and Rafi just pushed his way right on out about half an hour after the midwife examined me and told me I was 8cm dilated. Otto was there to witness his brother come into the world and help Brendan cut the cord, and he was just chuffed to be there. Bernadette was there to encourage and support me as well. We left the hospital 5 hours later.

The labour was very calm all the way through and was a beautiful and humbling experience. The birth was full of joy and I felt ecstatic as he came out – in complete awe at my body. I was able to just allow him to birth himself perfectly. I’m so grateful for your beautiful teachings and support throughout the pregnancy – I learnt so much from you.

Rafi would have been born with the membrane intact, except (unfortunately) the midwife ruptured the membranes just a few minutes before he was born. How amazing would that have been? But I was so in the zone I didn’t realise what she was doing.

Can’t wait for you to see him, here are a few pics. Yes, I am a very proud mama!

Lots of love,

Amanda xxxx


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