Owen’s Birth – the birth we visualised

Oh my goodness! I forgot to write and announce Owen Lito Posada’s entrance to the world. !!!

Second: our story. We were 13 days “overdue” and went to the birth centre for the induction conversation. I was almost 5cm dilated after a check and so the AMO said he was almost certain I would have bubs naturally by that night. He was right!!

We went home and about an hour later my waters broke and labouring began. JP was with me (pushing on my lower back most of the time, and encouraging me all the way) and my mum and doula came over. I had contractions every 2-4 minutes for the next 5.5 hours. Being at home was great but the thought of a car ride to the hospital was daunting!


Owen was posterior so the time between contractions was difficult on my lower back. I had a bath which made me feel a bit of relief and then the bearing down sensation happened faster and my doula said we really needed to get to the hospital. Once we arrived at the hospital, jp filled the tub and Owen was born about 35 minutes later, JP caught him at 5:36 pm on September 5 at 3.69kg.

it’s now almost 6 weeks later, and Owen is amazing and gorgeous and super cute and we are all doing well.

I thank She Births for helping us have the birth we had visualised.  I listened to Nadine’s words on my iPod daily and meditated and visualised. I thank JP for being an awesome birth partner too. Also having a doula was a great experience.

Anyway, that was us then – now it’s all-new adventures with this gorgeous little soul. Lots of learning and love. Loving it!!

Love to all – hope all new families are doing well.
Love Natalie, John Paul and Owen xx

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