Milly’s positive epidural birth – Feeling in control and enlightened

Hi Nadine,

I’ve been meaning to write you an email for ages to say thank you for your amazing she birth course and beautiful yoga. It really helped me and my partner embrace our birth and I personally felt in control – even though our birth was far from what I visualised.

My waters broke (I think due to the eggplant parmigiana – as I had it for dinner and my waters broke at 5 am the next morning). I was in pre-labour for a day and never moved to established labour and was induced. I ended up having an epidural and then pushed the baby out naturally.

Your course made me feel confident, calm and very decisive about what I wanted and when. And I thank you for enabling me. my partner and baby to have a positive and enlightening experience.

Georgie, Rob and MillyMillys birth story

Millys birth story
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