Calling in a New Year filled with greatness…reflecting on 2014

Another year has passed and it’s a great time to pause and reflect. To consider what we are grateful for and the challenges we have overcome. What joys have been shared and what lessons have been learnt.
There are 3 things that I learnt and know for sure, from this year’s triumphs and tribulations. I hope you find meaning in them and they help you create some amazing goals for 2015.
Number one is Healthy attachment creates awesome kids
My 12 year old boy, Leroy started at the local highschool this year. And I have to say that I was secretly a nervous wreck about it! But, it has turned out to be completley fine. And perhaps even more than fine…really beautiful to observe.
The year is a massive transition for every child and exposure to knowledge about drugs, sex, bullying is way beyond what you and I ever knew about. Leroy has been able to express what’s going on for him and share and I have been able to give him the space that he needs to find his own feelings too. He has demonstrating to me so clearly that I can keep trusting him and let him go. He has been able to navigate his way through school; scan and search out who is a genuine friend, who are those he needs to protect and who are those to steer clear of in a concillatory way.
It’s just like I always heard my mum say ‘values are inherent and come from our loving families’. So my guidance to you all is this – love them as much as you can. Hug them, kiss them, say ‘i love you’ at any opportunity because they will pretty much be gone to the world by the time Year 7 comes around. And your only way to live on ith them will be inside their hearts as a little compass and deep sense of worthiness.
Number two is Dream as big as you can. 
A very wise spiritual teacher once said to me – If the universe is not supporting you it’s becuase you are thinking too little of yourself and your vision is too small. I encourage you to really test this one out for yourself in 2015. You may be amazed but what happens, as I was.
I have held back for a long time from making She Births bigger – mainly afraid of dilution and concerned about working more. Interestingly, this year I had begun to watch my business started to suffer within that frame of mind. So one night in August I decided to bite the bullet, embrace my fears and grow the business as big as I can. And make it the ‘go to’ course for every woman in the world. The next day amazing things started to happen – phone calls, emails, associates got in contact with me etc…All in support of a new visionary growth. Amazing people turned up, just out of the blue, as though the universe had heard my internal declaration…which of course it had! And it has set the wheels in motion for some really exciting and groundbreaking projects with some amazing teams of people.
So my second lesson to you is dream bigger and farther than you have ever done before. You won’t have to do it all yourself, because your inspiration and passion will draw the right people to you for the perfect type of support. Which takes us to the third thing I know for sure…
Number three is Passion and persistence pay off.
My drive to make the world a better place for mums and babies and new families is on the cusp of worldwide accolade this year. If it wasn’t for that deep desire to find absolutely every possible cause of pain and pain relief for example – solutions would never have been found. If I didn’t want to help make every birth a beautiful and bonding experience then I certainly would never have created the holisitic and comprehensive She Births® course.
In backing myself, in dreaming big and in persisting amazing things have happened. Perhaps this is all part of gettting close to turning 40 and knowing who I really am or perhaps it was all written in the stars. I like to think however, that I have had a role to play in stepping up and meeting the world this year, in greeting it consciously with love and acceptance, with knowledge and humility.
I am forever grateful for those who inspire, educate and support me in my journey – my family, friends, colleagues and students. And I love the fact that the line between these 4 wonderful groups of people is continually becoming more blurred.
2015 is going to be a huge year for us all I’m sure. I hope your journey is blessed with love and light and that we continue to walk this path together as a supportive community creating more beautiful births, more loving families and a more peaceful place for all.
Big love to you and your loved ones,
xxx Nadine

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