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I remember going to my first mother’s group just after Leroy was born.
It took all of 3 hours to get out of the house but I was desperate just to connect and find some women who felt a little bit of the joy and challenge that I was experiencing!
However, I don’t think I ever felt more estranged from my sisters in my whole life.
There was this strange sense of competition and comparison around birth experiences, sleeping babies, parnters and even poo’ing…I walked out with a very sad and empty feeling that simply emphasized the aloneness I already felt in my new parenting role.
So I just wanted to share that, this is PRECISELY NOT what our She Births Mothers Circles are about….Thank God!
If you would like to join a group of loving and like minded mums, be in a group that meets weekly and discusses the good the bad and the ugly….gives no advice or judgement,,,, then this is the place for you.
Our next Circle begins Monday 20th February at the Dharma Shala, 12-1.30pm with me.
I come along to set the group up, explain how it works, tell you what you can expect, set some guidelines etc. that you will need to follow that will help your group last a lifetime.
I have been a part of women’s circles for over 10 years and studied with a number of experts so I hope I instill some of that beauty and wisdom with you all.
The cost is a $40 one-off fee to join and then the groups circulate around each others homes or our local parks weekly.
It is ideally for mums with bub’s in arms, ie. not crawling yet.:)
If your bub is beyond this age then stay tuned for the online support and information groups I am creating – Soul Mama Sessions – and complete the survey in the next couple of days to tell us EXACTLY what you would like to HEAR and KNOW MORE about.

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