Lessons from Bali

I was out watching the sun rise this morning over Bondi Beach and wondering what else I need to implement in my daily life so that I can feel as good in Sydney as I do in Bali on holidays. Impossible i hear you say!
There were some really beautiful insights and wisdom I gained from being in Bali this time, especially when up in the villages outside Ubud, that I wanted to share with you as they serve as great reminders and gifts if we are more conscious of them.
Each year I observe the Balinese people and something touches me a little deeper.
So I came home wanting to change a few things….only subtle and small, but that is what makes up our days in the end.
I noticed that of course, like many cultures and religions they pray…3 times a day! Easy to bring in a prayer of thanks with each of my meals, even if it is silent I offer gratitude to all the hands that have made it, to the Sun and the Earth.
I noticed that they never rush, never ever walk fast…they always travel at a slow pace and take time to smile and look into people’s eyes and make attempts to create laughter too.
When I spoke with them I also heard that so much was simply left up to the Gods.
They have the same aspirations and concerns that we do. Marriage, babies, nice houses, the cost of good education for their children etc. but they don’t force any of it.
They realise that all they can do is work diligently and leave the rest up to the grace of god – so why not practice gratitude for what exists right now, and also pray 😉
The majority of their homes are actually temples…which really expands upon the idea of making your own home a haven/temple doesn’t it…
I only ever felt 100% presence when I was being massaged by a Balinese person! The best massages in the world I think,,, so I had about 2 treatments a day! Not financially viable here at all – but still a weekly essential.
I saw 2 children cry in total for a total of 30 seconds! Mainly due to the village philosophy and the space for kids to run and play outside together. That’s why I endeavour to create a community for all of YOU – face to face and online.
Also, I did not see one woman or man with hunched shoulders…hmmm – interesting…. When you sit up straight by the way, can you notice your energy change? The way you feel about yourself and how you think therefore is totally different?
There is so much to be gained from travel and observation of other cultures. Travelling with kids opens even more doors into peoples hearts and homes, especially in developing countries.
Here is where I got all my very yummy massages and ayurvedic treatments – Dr Sujatha was really lovely.
And here’s a picture of the Ubud Birth Centre Bumi Sehat – they are big fans of active birth and have secured a ladder with sarongs to the wall so mum’s can hang easily. Great idea!
xxx Nadine
YogaWoman is screening at The Cremorne Orpheum this weekend. If you haven’t seen it yet -this could be your last chance…so go over and check it out this Saturday and Sunday. It’s won heaps of awards!!!

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