Recap of our best blogs + New VIC venue

Exciting news! We have a brand new location in Victoria run by two wonderful midwives, Britt and Kelly. Just outside Geelong, the Queenscliff venue is set on gorgeous grounds – it is even has a labyrinth! Close to the ferries, with lots of Airbnbs nearby, this beautiful centre is perfect for those that live on the Peninsula, or Melbourne families on a ‘babymoon’.

For a weekend that will make a real difference, book in here!

Online Course 2.0 is up and running!

We’re so excited to have our new, video-based online program in motion. Here are a few words from one of our mums who just joined:

‘So far the She Births Online course has given me the strength to stay hopeful after my last birth experience was so traumatic. Already the course has equipped me with techniques of breathing, yoga and visualisation that help me during pregnancy. I love not having to get out of my PJ’s and watching a couple of videos each night with my partner in bed – thank you! ‘-  Madeline

Love and gratitude

Nadine xxx

Here’s a recap of some of our favourite blogs over the last few months

10 Life Lessons I’ve Learned as a Woman

‘As much as I love it – I am not just a mum. I love to dream my own dreams and be crazy, silly and free – take retreats, dance, go inwards and not talk to anyone for hours, sometimes days at a time. I need this: to not just be a mum, in order to be, a great mum!’ – Nadine Richardson


Expert Interview: Psychotherapy for perinatal anxiety and depression

‘It is normal to have some worry and anxiety about giving birth and entering motherhood, as it is a huge life transition and archetypal right of passage for a woman. If the negative experiences are impeding your capacity to also enjoy the process, psychotherapy can hold a space for your to address these anxieties and be supported in your process.’  – Jo Schaeffer


Birth Story | The birth of Aiden

‘The stage right before transition I started to feel very weak and thoughts of possible complications came to mind. This was terrifying for me and I knew I had to change that train of thought. This was then followed by a rush of energy and the strength to push through.’ – Kim Campbell, who completed our Online Course


Expert Interview: Breastfeeding tips for new Mums

‘Skin to skin is sooo powerful. Others ways to establish breastfeeding is aiming to have a spontaneous physiological birth (so your baby is more likely to use its instinctive breast seeking behaviours after birth), allowing your baby ample time to self-attach at the first breastfeed, and breastfeeding your baby on demand (whenever your baby wants to feed) to help establish an abundant milk supply.’ – Amberley Harris


Birth Story | The birth of Poppy

‘I viewed labour as similar to running a marathon – if I wanted a positive result then I would need to prepare both physically and mentally just like I would if I was training for a big race. Some people say that I was lucky to have the birth that I did but I don’t think that’s entirely the case – I really wanted a natural birth without interventions and so I worked hard for it. I’m just so grateful that it paid off!’ – Sarah Hoffman



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