Who is really responsible for Conneticut

I hope you and your familiy are all well and safe – enjoying the holiday vibe growing and the great changes that are also taking place across our planet at the moment.
I know Xmas is a time to pause and rest and be happy but here by my little beach in Tamarama I find myself quite agitated and honestly pretty angry!
Reading the papers over the last few days and going onto facebook in particular – hearing the mostly pathetic pitying and banter around the massacre in the USA I am inflamed. How many more of these events do we need to have for people to wake up? For people in America to take some action?
I have been thinking about the poor young man Adam Lanza and the degree of pain that he must have been walking around with…carrying deep within his own heart and mind for what could have only been years. His suffering and confusion is the only reason, that I can find, that led him to kill his own mother and shoot innocent children numerous times with an automatic weapon. When I stop to feel the pain he must have felt inside his body it brings me to tears…
I believe that there are two causes and two solutions to this great tragedy. Which of course involve both you and I. They are firstly consciousness and the secondly action!
Since the industrial revolution men have gone off to cities, and worked bloody hard! Women have become the principal parents and then they have had to work very hard also and family life just becomes busier and busier and more and more stressful. And as a result we all become victims of the system and more and more ingrained in our individualistic wants and needs and the isolation and the illusion of a big fat dream: the nuclear family!
Don’t get me wrong, family is the most sacred and beautiful path to walk down and it brings such joy and evolution to our planet. However, the pressures it also brings upon us is astronomical. Without careful attention it makes us all self absorbed, selfish, petty, small minded and idle.
If you have ever said to a friend in need you are too busy to meet them, cut someone off mid sentence, not moved your feet so that someone can walk past at Bru cafe, dismissed someone while they are sharing their feelings, talked down to a waitress or just basically chosen fear and lacking over love and abundance……then you are to blame for Conneticut.
I want to know where the community was and why no one had reached out to this young man and his mother? Surely he and his mother walked the streets…and we don’t need to be psychics to see another person’s pain or needs – it’s always clearly upon their face and in their stance. Our selfish community, our lack of connection to our hearts and our prioritising money over empathy is what killed the children of Newtown.
Human beings keep falling through our system – but it’s you and I that let them! The system is actually a prison imposed upon you from the past. And it’s up to you to let it go in your mind, in your goal setting and plans for your future and in your lifestyle. On the cusp of 2013 I believe it’s time to expand your consciousness, your love and your heart beyond your little world.
The second cause of this great tragedy, is the opposite of consciousness – fear – but also a lack of action. Why are there 300 million people in the US and only 170,000 signatures on the White House gun reform petition? (Not sure if I counted, but i signed up here)
To the so called most Christian and powerful country in the world I say: why are you choosing to perpetuate violence? To feed the fear and the illusion that your right to bear arms is working to protect your familiy? Because, in all honesty, you are killing your own children.
My suggestion for all of us is that on the 21/12/12 you allow for an end to old patterns and open yourself to the possibilty of change. Connect with the people you love, and open your heart to all those that you don’t love as easiily too. Simply be within your community and break down the materialistic and narcissistic fear based structure we are acting like we have chosen.
Find the doorway to feeling your own feelings and create empathy for others – take time to pause, to reflect. Ask yourself whenever you meet somebody else: What’s it like to be you? ….and just listen inside. (Thank you to one of my dear teachers Thom for those wise words.)
Just as we invoke and chant at the beginning of every yoga class: Lead us from darkness to light, to truth and to peace – transform your pains into joys, let go of looking good or being too busy, and then get up and get on with helping others do the same.
Start a new business perhaps, give a present from Karma Currency, dont get cranky when someone’s mat is too close to yours in a yoga class, be radical with yourself and I promise you that right now nature will support you all the way and bless you with Her sweetest abundance.
All my love and blessings for an abundant and peaceful Christmas and 2013.
Jai Guru Deva
xxx Nadine

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