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What makes She Births® different

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The synergy of 3 Pillars make the best birth experience.

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The extra resources you get with your She Births® course.

Our philosophy is unique, balanced and holistic.

Optimal health for baby comes from the right preparation.


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Why Couples Choose She Births®

* 98% of couples describe their ‘birth as beautiful’

* 70% of mums have a completely natural birth experience

* Epidural rate = 1/3 – 1/6 public & private NSW hospitals

* C-s rate = 1/3 Australian average

Birthing Stories

  • Tahnee’s 4 hour Water Birth – Visualisation was key

    I still tell everyone that the money I spent on that course was by far the best investment of our whole pregnancy.

    Lana & Paul Cox

  • Tilly's Birth

    Tilly’s Birth – Blissful Birth Meditation enabled her birth

    She Births was a lovely transition from work to parental leave.  It was relaxing, informative and fun and allowed me to concentrate on being pregnant and our imminent birth.  I particularly enjoyed the way Nadine effortlessly involved my partner in the …

    Jo & Dr. Silas

Nadine Richardson

Meet Nadine Richardson

Nadine Richardson, Pioneering childbirth educator

Nadine is the creator of She Births® and director of The Birthing Institute Pty Ltd; training provider and licensor of the She Births® program.

At the forefront of her unique childbirth education system is the wellbeing and happiness of mothers and every new family.

A totally unique program and methodology more effective than all others. It is the system that every mother, father and baby deserves!

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