Hi, I’m Nadine

I’m a mother, childbirth educator, labour assistant (doula), and have been a prenatal yoga teacher for over 20 years. I am the director of The Birthing Institute and creator of the She Births® program.

She Births® is a holistic, evidence-based birth course for pregnant couples that I developed within my local community of Bondi Beach, Sydney. Since its humble beginnings, She Births® has now grown into an internationally recognised, and scientifically verified, birth course that has been completed by thousands of expecting parents around the world.

When my son was born I have to say, like many women do, the experience of labour shocked me! Even after 12 weeks of birth education I felt like my partner and I were not prepared to navigate the intensity and complexity of birth, or, for the challenges that came along afterwards.

After many years of attending births, and influenced by my medically trained family, I became inspired to develop a comprehensive birth course that makes a real difference.

Although the statistics show that She Births® is the most successful program in the world for improving birth outcomes, it arose purely from a deep desire to improve the quality of people’s lives and support new families – and for me, the biggest success of She Births® is that we empower couples to create a beautiful birth experience, no matter what unfolds.


    She Births® mums experience a 65% reduction in epidural because our natural pain relief methods are so effective.


    Equipped with our comprehensive toolkit of knowledge and skills, you will feel confident (and even excited) to birth your baby.


    The only course proven to reduce medical interventions: Mums are 44% less likely to need a caesarean, and babies are 53% less likely to require resuscitation.


The She Births® Online Course guides you through everything you and your partner need to know in preparation for birth, and early parenting.

There are 4 modules made up of short, engaging videos with Nadine Richardson. How you view the content is up to you – grab your dates and coconuts (you’ll understand that soon), and have a birth prep binge over the weekend, or spread it out over 4-6 weeks. With 12 months’ access, you can pause, rewind and review the content as many times as you like. 

Module 1 | 2.5 hours total:
Nutrition, Anatomy & Physiology, Active Birthing & Yoga for optimal positioning, Transforming Fear + more

Module 2 | 2 hours total:
Breathing, Visualisation, Massage and Acupressure techniques for effective pain relief and natural induction + more

Module 3 | 4.5 hours total:
Stages of labour, Birth Preferences, Conscious decision-making + more

Module 4 | 1.5 hours total:
Breastfeeding, Conscious Parenting + more 

PLUS: She Births e-book, Birth Stories, Visualisations, Birth Plan, Birthing Playlist + more!

How is the Online Course different to the Weekend Course?
Our new online course has all the wisdom and experience Nadine has gathered and shared over 20 years. You will be able to undergo the same transformative process, but it can be done in your own time, at home.

Where can I find info on your face-to-face Weekend Courses?

Is the Online Course as effective as the Weekend Courses?
For some, it is actually more effective. They can review content as many times as they need, there are also forums with Nadine each week that will allow you to ask any questions that may arise during your pregnancy.

Do I need to attend the hospital antenatal course too?
Most of our families only complete our program and get amazing results. Although, we do recommend taking a tour of your hospital before the big day.

How long will I have access to the Online Course content for?
Course content will be available to you for 12 months. Not only can you prepare for the birth of your baby, but you’ll be able to review our breastfeeding and parenting content in those early days after birth. 

I'm still undecided, can I talk to a human?
Of course you can! From Australia, call 1300 101 SHE (743) during business hours. For international calls or calls outside of business hours, email [email protected].