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Videos and Visualisations that will allow you to drop in and relax, trust your body and enjoy pregnancy.

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Downloads and videos that will help you understand our program and even explain it to the most reluctant partner 😉

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Births stories from families around the world that will not only teach but inspire you to believe in a beautiful birth for your family.

What's Live & Free every week

Nadine applying acupressure with Anna Kooiman

Join Nadine LIVE every Tuesday at 6 pm on Instagram for a FREE prenatal Yoga Class.

This class is perfect for: Mamas to be &
Papas to be. (Yes dads are welcome too.)

soul mama circle

Join us for our virtual Soul Mama Circle
Every Thursday 10 – 11.30 am.

A place for connection and growth where a woman can share about her personal journey as a mother. Nichola, our Newcastle She Births® Certified Educator will be your host.

Via Zoom
Link supplied on our private Facebook community page

Discover Australian Birth stories and Meditation


Marja and joao

Join Nadine and her special guests via Instagram

Listen to some of our amazing She Births® families share their story of how they created a beautiful birth. The perfect inspiration and reminder that you CAN do it.

Catch up on our stories via IGTV.

Nadine Richardson by Bright Photography

Join us for a group meditation, Q&A sessions or enjoy deep dive conversations with parenting experts. 

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Season 4 of the She Births® Podcast new Episodes!

Welcome to Season 4, Episode 1.

When a birth plan goes to plan.
This podcast is a conversation with dear friend Deb and Ned.

We recorded their Deb and Ned’s story just before COVID hit and did not want to share at the time because we knew so many mums could not have doula’s and some even unable to have their partners in the room during birth! Overall it has been a terrible year for a lot of families and for some even traumatic so our heart goes out to you.

Deb and Ned’s story is about teamwork. It is about taking the three essential steps:
1. Form the belief you can do it and get the education to support that. 2. Craft the team around you that will be skilled and loving to advocate exactly as you want then 3. LET GO and allow it all to happen and unfold naturally.

Latest Australian Birth Story

When Yoga Practice Pays Off.

This is a beautiful, heartwarming positive Australian birth story.

We talk all things intimate with this lovely yoga teacher couple.
From a quick conception to enjoying their pregnancy right through to the power of yoga in their lives.

Discover what T-Rex hands means (when Dad provides great pain relief).

What can labour really feel like for mums and so much more wisdom & laughs are shared in our conversation.

Watch the full birth story from this beautiful She Birth® family bringing some inspiration to you mamas to be


Testimonials from families around the world

Due Date Calculator

Use our due date calculator to see when your baby is going to join you

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A She Births® Weekend Birth Class

Proven Curriculum

Holistic & evidence-based antenatal classes allow you to understand and enjoy your pregnancy and birth

Foundations and skills for breastfeeding, conscious parenting and your relationship

Strategies and tools to overcome fear plus over 6 visualisations to stay sane

She Births® App - Your Birth Companion

Latest Technology

App allows you access to all you need 24/7.

Videos, cheat sheets, downloadable visual birth plans and more

20+ positive birth story videos to watch on the go

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baby breastfeeding

expert Support

Expert support and guidance from our Educators, doulas & midwives in bi-weekly online forums

Connect with our specialised physiotherapists, chiropractors, midwives and doctors

Access to Nadine Richardson's internationally renowned prenatal yoga class

she births® birth community

nourishing Community

We create a non-judgemental space for sharing and supporting one another

Soul Mama Circles are a unique and special Mothers Group

Our Private Facebook community allows you to connect with an amazing the tribe of families

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Nadine Richardson
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