The She Births® Pregnancy Support Guide - Calm, connected & Inspired

Our FREE GIFT to you

Our FREE GIFT to you

Are you ready to feel calm, connected & inspired?

HELLO AND WELCOME to the perfect first step in creating a beautiful birth and connected parenting experience. Also, a great way to enjoy your pregnancy a little bit more 😉

We have selected a few of our favourite classes and resources from the She Births® Course especially for you and your team to enjoy. 

We hope that you can feel calm, connected and inspired throughout your whole pregnancy, just like the thousands of families around the world we have supported.

Xx Nadine

P.S. We will also be sending you emails with weekly yoga tips, yummy recipes and affirmations. 

Feel Calm

Welcome Video with Nadine, Creator of She Births® Visualisation 1: Freedom Meditation, Fear Release Visualisation 2: Quick Connection Meditation British Medical Journal Research

Get Connected

The Dad’s Guide to She Births® Birth Story 1: Know Your Body and Your Options Birth Story 2: Feel Calm and Confident Video: Massage techniques for pregnancy and birth

Be Inspired

Video 1: How Labour Really Begins Birth Story 1: Going from Anxious to Amazing Birth Story 2: A Beautiful Balance between Science and Spirituality The She Births® Show Podcast: Inspire Your Birth and Evolve Your Parenting with interviews, conversations and birth stories.

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