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“The most powerful thing we can do right now amidst a modern culture of fear and negativity is help others by sharing an empowered birth narrative.” Nadine Richardson 

Birth stories are such an important part of preparation – they build not only knowledge but also confidence to go through the birthing journey with an open heart and mind.  

By sharing our birth stories we also find a way to truly own our unique birth path – so we can embody the power and perhaps the lessons learnt. 

As a thank you for sharing your story we would love to offer you a 10% gift voucher that you can ‘pay it forward’ with and share the Full Online Program in your community.

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Thank you for sharing your birth story. As part of our research and development, we like to collect more in-depth data about our families’ birth experiences. We would greatly appreciate you completing this anonymous survey so that we can improve our services.

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Birth story from Rhia Stanger

Birth story from Rhia Stanger

I just wanted to say Thank You for creating your course! I did the online version as I live in a remote community 2hrs from the Wodonga maternity hospital. My first birth ended in a C-section at 38wks due to vasa previa and minor placenta previa. I was devastated and...

Imagine if your workplace paid for your She Births® course…

Imagine if your workplace paid for your She Births® course…

As you may already know, we have created a new, video based Online Course (and our app is close to complete). Our dream is to have She Births® available to every parent in the world - and this is the next step. Are you ready? Here at The Birthing Institute, we know...

Zoe & Benji Marshall Share Their Birth Story

Zoe & Benji Marshall Share Their Birth Story

This week we share with you an awesome birth story from TV Presenter and NRL player, Zoe and Benji Marshall. Zoe says that even though she was induced, which was her worst case scenario, 'I still had an incredibly beautiful birth!' Watch here to discover how they did...