testimonial: Alegra Ally

Alegra Ally

If someone asked me what I knew about giving birth, I could describe one of the most sacred moments of my life, witnessing a traditional umbilical cord ceremony by Himba midwives immediately after the birth of a baby. Then, there was a time I stood quietly in anticipation deep in Siberia as a labouring woman prepared for a hospital transfer. Or, the time I was blessed enough to experience swimming in the ocean with a mother whale and her newborn calf as she gently nudged her baby to the surface.
As connected as I’ve felt to each birth I’ve seen, I was always holding space and honouring the birthing experience of others.
Now pregnant for the first time, I have to adjust to being the subject of birth. When I learned of Nadine Rishardson’s @shebirths childbirth education program, I knew what I wanted more than anything was to connect more deeply to my own pregnancy.
Throughout the weekend of childbirth education, my partner Erez and I began to feel more confident, more prepared and more excited for the upcoming birth. The tools learned during the weekend made us both feel more prepared to anything which may unfold during labour and beyond.


Alegra Ally & Himba women
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