The Birth of Saya – Story by Cat Bunting

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DADDY DOULA: BART I had Braxton Hicks every night from around 4pm-10pm, 12 days prior to our arrival. Every night they would start up and I’d think ‘game on.’ Could it be tonight? And then they’d stop again! It was quite a roller coaster and I wasn’t sure when labour was going to start. It […]

The Birth of Sierra – Story by Heidi Gerberich


DADDY DOULA: HUNTER Hunter was my Daddy Doula from the moment we started preparing for labour. He was thoughtful and articulate when it came to discussing what kind of birth we wanted and what his role would be. He coached me through the last few weeks, reminding me of times when we had summited mountains […]

Birth of Sharma – Story by Gretta Free

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DADDY DOULA: NICK Nick was amazing in the preparation for our baby boy’s birth. He was so inspired by doing our She Births® course… During our pregnancy he would frequently offer to practice massage and acupressure, we often had birth rehearsals initiated by his encouragement and many beautiful times together singing and chanting to our […]

The Birth of Maggie


DADDY DOULA: JOHN My partner John was wonderful during the birth, but that was the easy part! He was great at using and remembering all the techniques we learned in the She Births® course. When I wasn’t able to think straight, let alone work out what I needed, he was there squeezing my hips together […]

The Birth of Martin – Story by Marine Roujon

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DADDY DOULA: JULIEN Julien was the most amazing support during birth. At home I was on the fit ball most of the time. My favourite relief was the hip squeeze. I was sitting on the fit ball with the back of a chair in front on me. I was standing up leaning on the back […]

The Birth of Erin – Story by Lesley Butler

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DADDY DOULA: ALAN I would like to nominate my husband Alan, my darling daughter’s daddy for the daddy doula awards. My husband and I have moved to Australia 5 years ago from Ireland and we do not have any family here with us. We both come from large families and the thought of having a […]

The Birth of Maverick – Story by Maxine Roberts

DADDY DOULA: SHANE To say we had a beautiful birth experience would be a total understatement, I don’t think it could have gone any better especially considering Shane’s grandmother had passed away four days prior (she had tried so hard to make it to the birth). We had no idea we would be organising a […]

The Birth of Edith – Story by Rebecca Fogg


DADDY DOULA: STU My husband Stu definitely found out how capable he was when he unexpectedly “caught” our baby daughter Edith when I gave birth on the way to hospital. I was 6 days over my due date. I had been sick for over a week with a cold and a terrible cough. I told […]

The Birth of Alistair – Story by Shelley Little

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DADDY DOULA: ADAM My partner and I prepared ourselves for birth very differently. I threw myself into the She Births® course and followed its suggestions rigorously. Whereas my partner approached the course information and the techniques we practised together with a much more reserved demeanour. I was a little worried that his lack of enthusiasm […]