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Make authentic Masala Chai, as they do in India, using whole spices. In India masala means spice, and chai means tea. Spiced Tea, easy right?! INGREDIENTS: Vegan and Sugar-Free adaptable. Black tea – Assam, Darjeeling is often used in India. Spices – Fresh ginger, cardamom pods, cinnamon, cloves, peppercorns and star anise are the most […]

Lets Kintsugi 2020 🎉 Conscious Games for the whole family 🎉

Kintsugi 2020

2020 was the year none of us expected. Just like birth it broke us open and humbly brought us to our knees. I plan on kintsugi-ing (I know this is not a word) the crap out of 2020 and celebrating what it did to body mind and soul. So many lessons and so much learning and change happened […]

Birth is one day in your life but it is a day like no other!

blog 11-9-20

Birth is one day in your life but it is a day like no other. It is not an everyday event for your body to go through. It is not an ordinary event for your mind to comprehend. It is a miracle that changes you physically, mentally and spiritually. Sometimes we feel humbled, shaken and […]

Australian Birth Story of Amelia


She Births® loves to hear your birth stories. It brings so much joy to the team and we feel so grateful to be a part of your birthing education. Here is a quick Australian birth story from She Births® mama Louise and her birth of her baby girl Amelia. I just wanted to introduce you […]

Mamas birth story of Tallulah Mae

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Our labour story started on Monday morning at 1 am 1 week after my due date. I woke up with some slight cramping that felt like period cramps. I went to the toilet and returned to bed with the cramping still continuing. I decided to not wake Luke because I thought he needed as much […]

Dad’s birth story of their beautiful little girl Tallulah Mae

Bubba luke story

A birth story from Luke to introduce you to their new beautiful little girl – Tallulah Mae. She was born on 27.4.20 at 1.44 pm. They wanted to say a HUGE thank you to She Births® and to also tell us their birth story. When Steffani first went into Labour, I was very excited. She […]

Overcoming language barriers and cultural differences birth story

Victoria McFarlane 3

A birth story from Victoria. She did the Full Online Course as she was living in Vietnam at the time. Read about her birthing experience, through difficult times with language barriers and cultural differences with the midwives and OB. How she had the amazing support from her partner and doula. How her confidence with all […]

Empowering birth of baby Alessio


I wanted to share my birth story with you and also the short video I created of our special day I attended the She Births course on the 18th Jan this year with Radha, I was 24 weeks pregnant at the time. My husband and I both enjoyed the course and were inspired to implement […]

Rapheal Alexander Birth


Hi Nadine, I had my baby last Sunday (exactly on the due date). His name is Raphael Alexander, 8 pounds, 52 cms. I had Lucy and a lovely doula helping me and I can’t tell you how tireless, intuitive and amazing they both were for about 16 hours, no less! I couldn’t have done it […]

Kit’s Birth – A beautiful meditation


Dear Nadine, I wanted to personally say thank you in helping us to prepare for the birth of our little boy, Kit. Whilst due to a number of circumstances we didn’t get to have a completely natural birth, what you taught us contributed so much to a very special day. To see Mary sitting on […]

Juliette’s Birth – a combination of inner and outer resources

Dear Nadine, Sandro and I wanted to thank you wholeheartedly for what we learnt at She Births. You gave us the best resources and empowered us for a beautiful natural birth. We were so confident, happy and relaxed about it…we nearly had Juliette in the car on our way to the hospital… The 3 key […]

Owen’s Birth – the birth we visualised


Oh my goodness! I forgot to write and announce Owen Lito Posada’s entrance to the world. !!! Second: our story. We were 13 days “overdue” and went to the birth centre for the induction conversation. I was almost 5cm dilated after a check and so the AMO said he was almost certain I would have […]

Luka’s Birth – Hong Kong midwives surprised


Hi Nadine Just wanted to let you know that your She Births® meditations worked a treat over in Hong Kong. I listened to it while I dozed in the early stages of labour. I am convinced it works on a very deep, subconscious level. Luka’s birth couldn’t have been more different to Hugo’s. With all […]

Viggo’s Birth – Avoid inductions and have faith


Hi Nadine, Here is (finally ;-)) my birth story! On 31 August at 1.30 AM our son Viggo was born! How happy and blessed we feel with this gorgeous little boy! She Births was the best preparation for the delivery. It gave me faith in my body and in the whole process. It also inspired […]

Savannah’s Birth – The most intense and fulfilling experience of my life


Hello Wonderful She Birthers! I trust you are all well & nearing the time when your little miracles arrive. How exciting for you all! My birth experience was incredible & I want to say a BIG thank you Nadine & She Births® for the education you provide & showing what’s possible for women & their […]

Sofia’s Birth – Preparing the body, mind and spirit


Dear Nadine, I just wanted to thank you with all my heart in front of the ladies that were at the She Births course with me that your course in conjunction with your meditations, your yoga classes and following the Dr Mowri Gotha Ayurvedic program prepared me for the greatest experience of my life! By […]

Xavier’s Birth – All the tools worked


Just a short note to let you know that bub Xavier Harrison Hogarth entered the world last Thurs 2 December at 5.35 pm. He is a healthy bub weighing in at 3.7kgs and is just beautiful. He is currently sound asleep in our lounge room and loves being in the world. I am well, had […]

Rafael’s Birth – Ecstatic and humbling experience


Hi Nadine I don’t know if you’ve heard yet – we had a beautiful little BOY!!! Rafael, born on November 10th, weighing 3.6kg. We all feel so blessed and elated. He is a pretty chilled out little dude and is smiling at his mummy already. The birth was absolutely beautiful, an amazing experience. It was […]

Amelie’s Birth – Induced labour but calm and happy


Our little girl Amelie was born on July 16th (not premature but a few weeks before we were expecting her). Although I was induced with a drip due to complications with my liver (cholestasis) both Matt and I worked together to create a very calm, happy, active, pain medication free and ultimately quick birth (4 […]

Ivy’s Birth – Amazing…just as we had hoped


What an amazing experience birth was. With your guidance and our commitment we had a 10 hour intervention free birth. Just what we had hoped for. Our love for her grows with every day. She is adorable. Thank you again.  

Max’s Birth – Pain free labour


She Births® was much more comprehensive than the hospital prenatal classes. The massage techniques with the partners were beautiful and it made it feel like more of a spiritual experience than just a physical one…A loving experience rather than a fearful experience and one which we can embrace with joy rather than feel helpless or […]